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Adam’s ‘Unique Abilities’ Shirts

Ability Shirts is a nonprofit organization based in Hendersonville, N.C. that supports individuals with “unique abilities.” Adam Farris, Director of Ability Shirts, prefers to use the term to categorize those who are considered to have disabilities. His shirts, which are printed in North Carolina, bear the slogan, “No one has a (dis)ability, everyone has abilities.” In 2013 Ability Shirts donated $181.88 to seven local autistic classrooms in Henderson County. In 2014 Ability Shirts will donate to the St. Gerard House, which is a preschool dedicated to serving individuals on the autism spectrum and make our community proud. Ability Shirts can be found online at

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Social Skills Camp Scholarship Program

ASDF works directly with our partner organizations to provide scholarships to families who attend social skills camps.

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Autism Awareness Campaign

The Autism Awareness Campaign helps to spread awareness to your community as well as collect funds to support ASDF’s mission.

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